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About Rosario Research & Consulting

Rosario Research and Consulting is Rosario's sell side equity research company, managed by Mr. Eran Jacoby, who has over 15 years of sell side experience. The company also engages in financial, economic and business consulting for companies in various industries.

The company's research services are Rosario's supporting block for offering added value to its clients. We believe in providing a professional added value and invest our best efforts with a commitment to provide an in depth original approach.

Our team is comprised of 4 highly educated analysts with diverse experience in corporates and financial institutions.

Sell Side Equity Research – the research division performs equity coverage of various companies in a range of industries including Telecom, High-Tech, Industrial, Real Estate, Renewable Energy and more. The research division also employs professional consultants in various fields mainly in the pharmaceutical, bio-Med and the online world. The company's clients include institutional investors - provident funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds and Nostro players. The research division updates its institutional clients on new significant developments and events occurring in its reviewed companies and the implications on the company's securities.

Financial and Business Consulting – Rosario's analysts initiate deals and provide creative economic and financial solutions, in addition to advising executive boards and controlling parties regarding financial, business, strategic and pre IPO processes. Our services include: understanding of the company's industry and business, financial analysis, review of the business model, review of the financial structure (equity, leverage, debt and credit rating), ongoing strategic and financial advisory in addition to valuation. The research division accompanies the investment banking team with evaluation of deals, pre IPO, and with conveying the right messages to the capital markets post IPO. Furthermore, the research division performs valuations and project feasibility analyses in various fields for corporates and institutional investors for internal use and other requirements.