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Customers Recommend

Rami Nussbaum | Chairman of the Board
Our familiarity with Rosario Capital and its management is long-standing.
The company is the leading underwriter of private and public offerings of many different companies in ASHTROM (Ashdar, ASHTROM assets) for many years and recently led the IPO of the parent company.
We enjoy professional jobs, reliable and caring, involved in every detail and full availability.
The service gave us Rosario generally careful preparation of the offering (assistance in scaling, advice in the valuation, professional analysis of alternatives for financing and their adaptation to the needs of the company, preparing a presentation investors, etc.), accompanying the process Hrodsao and accountability uncompromising until the successful completion of the offering. Company loyalty and professionalism has proven time and time again, we continue to benefit from its services and are proud to recommend it openly.
We will be happy to assist any further information
Rami Nussbaum, Chairman of the Board
Haim Feiglince | CEO
Dear friends,
When behind us seven years of joint activities, intensive and successful, we find it necessary to express our appreciation to all of you full and preparation.
For us you are more than underwriters or distributors of our company's securities to the capital market.
Today, you are a friend of the house, talented and dedicated consultants in all areas of the capital market.
Thanks for the transport of five successful bond issues (including the expansion of the series), totaling approximately 260 million, the issuance of shares, advice in formulating and promoting various proposals shelf, Guidance proceedings Rod Show "and your assistance in front of Midroog and more.
Cooperation by all your staff, professional services we have to get you, at the highest level, are central and vital element in the development of the company grew Hammerman, both as a business and as a public company grows Israeli capital market.
Feelings of respect, appreciation and friendship
Haim Feiglin, CEO


Ran Fridrich | Director and CEO
The company "Alumei Capital Ltd" has been working for a long time with "Rosario Capital Ltd." advisers and underwriters for the purposes offerings.
I am very satisfied to note the full professionalism, availability and value to the relationship we get continued with "Rosario Capital Ltd.".
Best regards,
Ron Frederick
CEO Alumei Capital Inc.
Or Arieli | CFO
Rosario Capital Corporation, its employees and directors accompany Ashdar for many years, faithfully and diligently outstanding.
We Ashdar enjoying getting professional, reliable, caring that accompanies familiarity details throughout.
Rosario Capital has used for the past decade leading underwriter of Ashdar many issues.
Work under them leads includes, inter alia, preparing background material for each issue, a review of market conditions, competitors, mixed rating process, analyzing financing alternatives, involvement in the preparation of presentations to investors and more.
Pink proceeding along Shaw accompanied by members of Rosario Capital managers Ashdar inched higher involvement, and uncompromising quality.
The corporate culture that exists Rosario Capital is leading a successful IPO in most cases.
We Ashdar recommend strongly Rosario Capital.
We will be happy to assist any further information
Or Arieli,CFO